Our online Southern Junto Meetings will occur either weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Socratic Meetings will be scheduled as needed.

Initially there will be one meeting online for all full voting members and it will occur bi-monthly.

Hopefully enough members from the same state or even city will join and decide to hold their own online or even person to person Meeting.

The Meetings will be formatted as follows.

Members will be reminded of the rules of the Group.

Members will post where they are from.

Members will be asked if they have completed the online courses in Junto history and Socratic Method.

The member that is presenting an essay at the next meeting will be agreed upon.

The shortened contemporary version of the 24 questions will be asked one at a time.

Members are not obligated to answer but encouraged to do so.

The session essay will be discussed.

If any projects are underway they will be discussed.


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