Are The Sins of The Father Visited Upon The Sons: and is it fair?

The generalized quote about the sins of the father being laid upon their sons is most closely and nearly related to a quote in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” However very similar sentiments appear in the Christian Bible from which the Merchant of Venice […]

Republicans and Democrats are both right…and wrong on deficit.

I very much appreciate the concept of reducing the national debt. However, cutting taxes but not spending does not reduce the national debt anymore than reducing your credit card burden by just ceasing to pay the bill reduces your debt. Similarly getting new credit cards or higher credit limits does not reduce your debt. Unfortunately […]

A Socratic Questioning Dialogue on The Minimum Wage

Here is an example of a Socratic Questioning Dialogue. It is incomplete because the two participants, one of whom was in fact me, had to return to work but I think that it is a valid, albeit long winded, civil discussion that began to probe the reasons that advocates of a minimum wage have for so […]


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