Are The Sins of The Father Visited Upon The Sons: and is it fair?

The generalized quote about the sins of the father being laid upon their sons is most closely and nearly related to a quote in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” However very similar sentiments appear in the Christian Bible from which the Merchant of Venice […]

The Origin of Old Souls

One often hears the phrase ‘old soul’ used to describe a younger person with seeming wisdom and emotional maturity beyond their years. New Agers and mystical belief inclined folks hint that maybe said young person is a reincarnation of someone older, a reincarnation in which the wisdom of a well lived life is somehow mystically […]

Welcome to the Southern Junto

Junto is Latin for ‘Meeting’. The Southern Junto is a set of websites fashioned after the debate and civic improvement club established by Benjamin Franklin and a group of tradesmen, and professionals in 1727 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. That Junto club, pften called the Leather Stocking Club, was created and structured to foster civil discussion for […]


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