Are The Sins of The Father Visited Upon The Sons: and is it fair?

The generalized quote about the sins of the father being laid upon their sons is most closely and nearly related to a quote in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. “The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children.” However very similar sentiments appear in the Christian Bible from which the Merchant of Venice […]

Race Is A Red Herring

Race is a red herring, an awkward construct of culture, phenotypes, self identification and circumstance. There is no genetic basis for a belief that human intelligence, disposition, physicality or any other significant trait is related to skin color or any other human phenotype[1]. I am a “white” male and I may well be closer genetically […]

Southern Junto 2020 State Legislative Calendars

Below are the legislative sessions commencement dates and filing dates for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Legislative opening dates and closing dates may be changed by the legislatures and special sessions are not uncommon. STATE CONVENES ADJOURNS PREFILING OPEN/CLOSE Alabama 02/4/2020 03/27/2020 Open 02/03/2020 Florida 01/14/2020 03/13/2020 Open 01/13/2020 Georgia 01/12/2020 03/27/2020 12/15/2019 […]


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