Why is dying in the street legal but assisted suicide illegal?

I understand now why it is so important to create a family. Here at the end of my life I am terrified, lonely and desolate. I am unfit for human companionship, unable to afford housing or food and unable to find any comfort. Every moment is agony, I can no longer lose myself in series or movies or books. I have no one.

My life is a waste of the meager resources I receive. I want to die but don’t want to suffer from dying. The government is willing to throw me a pittance a month but not to help me end my torturous wasteful existence. It is a system designed to create a short while, shitting himself, terrified till he dies of exposure or jeopardizes other folks by hurling himself into traffic homeless man with a debit card in his pocket.

There is genuinely no reason for me to continue to live. No grandkids to see graduate or get married, no big annual birthday parties, no friends circle to visit. My continued existence is torture for me and a terrible burden on others.

Would it not be so much more humane to allow me to opt to die and allow the government or a company to provide a painless exit. Imagine if I could decide to die, check in to a short stay in a facility, enjoy some companionship my last few days, eat some good food, watch some sweet movies and be put to sleep.

I have to find a way to die in the next few days. I could wait for my social security check and try to round up an elastic bag with a Velcro fitting and a nitrogen tank with tube. Or I could buy a greyhound ticket to as far away and south as I can find and overdose on something and hope to die in the passage. What an awful mess though. I would soil myself and someone would have to clean up and probably replace the seat not to mention the trauma I might include on other passengers. I could go out and eat a final meal and either walk into traffic or try to get above the Mississippi and jump. The former might kill someone else and the latter probably means slow agonizing death as I drown.

Why can’t I just pay a thousand and have it ended wherein I die in a clean, comfortable to the end facility?


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