John Bel Edwards wins re-election in Louisiana by 2.5%

The only Democratic governor in the deep south, John Bel Edwards won a second term Saturday November 16, 2019. This despite three trips by President Donald J. Trump to Louisiana to stump for Republican challenger Eddie Rispone.

With all precincts reporting, Edwards had a 40,000-vote lead — 774,469 to 734,128, according to the Louisiana Secretary of State. There is no automatic recount law or threshold in Louisiana.

A topic of discussion in the Bayou State is if the last minute trip by President Trump actually helped Rispone or not. The last polling results available (October 31, 2019) before the election had Edwards holding a 3.7% advantage with a 3.6% margin of error. The final tally was an Edwards victory of 2.5% somewhat lower than the October 31 tally so the final Trump visit may have increased Rispone’s results to some extent although the pre-election poll had a high 3.6% margin of error. trump won Louisiana in 2016 by a margin of 19% over Hillary Clinton and therefore the expectations for his coattails were generally higher.

John Bel Edwards is perhaps not the typical Democrat. He is avowedly pro Second Amendment and Pro-life, as well as being a West Point graduate Eight year commissioned officer Army veteran.


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